On March 8, we will celebrate International Women’s Day and show solidarity with all women around the world who fight for good working conditions, fair pay and equal opportunities!

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Until now, we have hardly made any acquisitions towards stores and webshop. But of course we would love it if Ecowings bags and accessories were available in more places. Thanks to the cooperation with Orderchamp, this is now possible with an attractive discount!


Winkel met Ecowings producten


One of our most loyal customers is Monde Ethique, a store and webshop with sustainable products in Lyon (France). They once found us through the internet. They ordered a few bags and wallets the first time. Soon the follow-up order came. And last week they ordered a new load for the 10th time! We are very happy with that.

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Upcycling is a sustainable way of dealing with our waste. This allows you to give materials a second life and reduce your ecological footprint.

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Today, May 11, 2020, the final exam candidates in our village have been told whether they have passed or if they may still have to take a second chance. This year is all different because of the Corona crisis, and not the same in every school.

Our son Bas has passed. Hoera! And with us there is of course a sustainable backpack, namely the Ecowings Rozer Pack in the flagpole!

duurzame tas tijdens examen, rozer pack

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In India we are working on a new version of the Panther laptop bag. Do you see the difference?


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Ecowings Rozer Pack

Watch a short movie about the Rozer Pack backpack here.


This movie was made by Jean Haasbroek, of Studio Haasbroek. It was shot on a hot sunny day in our own home, starring my son Joost. He is actually a user of this Rozer Pack backpack and has been taking him to school every day for over a year!

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mine impact

Mijn Impact wil de duurzaamheid in NL serieus aanpakken. Niet door er over te praten, maar door vooral dingen te doen. Ze hebben best grote ambities, want ze willen impact hebben! Ze pakken het dan ook wat anders aan. Read more

2 bags

We hebben een nieuwe rugzak in de collectie: De Rozer Pack. Deze tas is ideaal als schooltas! Wie wil er nou niet zo’n stoere, sterke, hippe tas, waarmee je ook nog eens bijdraagt aan het afvalprobleem van autobanden! Read more

Ecowings on the beach

Op verzoek van een klant hebben we de Panda laptoptas nu ook gemaakt met een gele rits. En het resultaat mag er wezen!

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