This is how we work

Like any company, Ecowings has a mission. And that’s not about making as much money as possible at all costs. Of course our bills have to be paid. It goes without saying that we want to offer everyone at Ecowings a good income and a stable future. But we find it just as important that we contribute to the protection of humans and the environment. We do our bit by removing truck inner tubes from the waste stream and by upcycling them into high-quality products. We help reduce CO2 emissions and show that you don’t have to cut a forest or need animal skins to run a healthy business.

The Ecowings way

  • Contributing to a greener lifestyle
  • Promoting upcycling and recycling
  • Creating fair business opportunities for all
  • Working with local artisans
  • Supporting communities
  • Inspiring the young generation by green innovation
  • Propagating Green Consciousness
  • Protecting nature, animals and people
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team ecowings

This is who we are

Ecowings was founded in 2011 by Kapil Sharma. Kapil is a very talented designer from India who takes his inspiration from the place where he works, Indore. Conservation and upcycling inspire him to design and produce unique bags and accessories together with 20 local artisans.

His wife Uma Sharma is responsible for business operations and marketing in India.

Angela Rooijmans is responsible for the sales and further development of the Ecowings brand in Europe.

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Is rubber bad for our health?

Synthetic rubber in particular is known to be polluting and even carcinogenic. We all remember the troubled parents whose children play football or hockey on synthetic turf with rubber granules. This has led to an extensive investigation by the RIVM which showed that this is not the case. You can read the RIVM research report here.

Independent research on own initiative

In order to exclude any risk and to be sure that rubber does not pose a health hazard, we asked Cosanta to conduct research into any chemical risks. The researchers have determined that our bags and accessories fully comply with the European guidelines as drawn up by REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authoisation of Chemicals) and are 100% safe. You can read the full report from Cosanta here.

Recycled rubber

Social and responsible

We have the ambition to provide employment to the economically weaker section of the rural population around Indore and help them to develop their skills. We do this by supporting them with practical and social matters and by showing them how upcycling can have a positive environmental impact on their own habitat. This positive contribution gradually leads to changes in their daily lives, making them feel more satisfied and more confident.

The result is visible

We are very involved with our local workmen and consider them family. We respect their cultural values and traditions and match work tasks with their skills and knowledge. In this way we have already in recent years inspired and guided a number of rural families in the development of their skills. Thanks to their commitment, enthusiasm and craftsmanship, Ecowings is able to turn its goal into reality and we can realize growth.

Working safely and healthy

Ecowings offers a safe and healthy working environment for all employees. Our workshop is located on the edge of the city in an open and green environment. The workshop is spacious, neat and clean and there is a lot of fresh air flowing through the building. We use sustainable and environmentally friendly materials and products as much as possible.

Everyone benefits

Ecowings rewards its employees fairly. Wages depend on experience and skills, but are certainly above the standard local wage. There is no discrimination based on race, caste, religion, age, gender or any other aspect. Child labor is absolutely out of the question. Ecowings offers its employees a comfortable working environment, creating a pleasant and flexible atmosphere.