Customization for Harryvan

What a beautiful bag it has become: The Harryvan Laptop Bag. We are super proud of the result. We actually like the bag so much that we decided to include it in the standard collection. 50 units are currently being produced. They will be available in the webshop from mid-June.

Custom order

This bag was commissioned by Harryvan from Hoogezand, a leader in sustainable interior construction. They have the ambition to make as much use as possible of existing interior parts and to reuse residual materials. What they make is never standard and neither is this laptop bag. The bag, made from old truck inner tubes, discarded seat belts and recycled PET bottles, was developed and produced especially for Harryvan.

Harryvan and Ecowings met during a meeting of the Oxfam Novib Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs Network with the theme of Circular Entrepreneurship. Ecowings and Harryvan are both committed to fair trade and circularity. A nice match! When I showed my own bag, they were immediately enthusiastic. A few days later I got a call asking if Ecowings could make a bag for them, but slightly different from our current models. With their logo of course.

Of course we can!

The process starts with creating a design. The starting point was the Robby shoulder bag, but larger so that a 17″ laptop could fit in it. First, Kapil made a sketch. Based on that, we could discuss further: whether or not there were handles on the top? Where should the logo be? What color for the zip?

This was followed by a final design in which the further specifications were also determined: all supporting material from recycled PET bottles (Rpet), cushion lining at the bottom, double zipper, waterproof zippers, exact color of the logo, etc. In the end it was decided to make the zippers black. to do instead of red.

The actual manufacturing

After that, the price could be determined, and the team could get to work! Make the label, buy all the necessary materials, clean the rubber, make the moulds, cut the rubber, make the liner, sew the bag together, quality control, polish, pack and you’re done! It sounds simple but all in all it is a laborious process. After all, everything is done by hand.


In reality much more beautiful

During the process we were kept informed with photos. But when I actually had the bag in my hands at the end of April, I was still positively surprised. In real life the bag is just much nicer than in the picture. The rubber material makes the bag very robust and the waterproof black zippers give the bag an elegant look. A black beauty!

And above all, it is also a practical bag: with laptop protection and additional inner compartments.

Do you want this bag too?

Soon the bag will be available in the webshop, with the Wings logo. Do you want to reserve it in advance? Then contact us. This first batch, with the Harryvan logo on it, is for Harryvan’s relations in any case. They will receive it soon with this beautiful card. We wish them a lot of fun with it!



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