Notebooks for ANWB

Ringnote Ecowings voor ANWB

We got the opportunity to make our Ringnote notebooks for the ANWB. They give these as a business gift to a number of valued relations. Of course we really enjoy working with a party such as ANWB, since they are in the car industry. A promotional gift of discarded car tires fits very well with this.

Adapted to the wishes of the customer

The standard green or orange lining is replaced for them by beautiful dark gray felt.


Grijze voering voor ANWB notitieboek van Ecowings

And on the back is the logo of the ANWB:

Ecowings Ringnote voor ANWB detail

For the packaging we choose a standard (environmentally friendly) brown box on which the ANWB will stick a sticker.


You can see the result here:


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