If a tyre could talk …

Rugged mountains, busy cities and small villages. Thousands of kilometers of asphalt, concrete slabs, cobblestones, gravel, clay and sand. A car tire encounters it all along the way. Curbs, traffic islands, nails, bottles, rain, chewing gum, melting asphalt. If a tire could talk, it would have a lot to say. They also have to endure a lot during those countless rides. Often the life of expensive truck tires is extended by patching punctured inner tubes when they are worn out. But what happens to them when they’re really gone? Every old car tire that ends up in the waste stream and is burned in the open air is one too many.

Tires used differently

With a little creativity you can do a lot with old car tires. We all know the tire planters, whether or not painted in cheerful colors and filled with nice plants. Often old tires also hang on the side of ships where they serve as fenders. And discarded tires and rubber granulate are very suitable for road verges, rubber tiles, insulation, (artificial) sports fields, athletics tracks, crash barriers, wall insulation, breakwaters and water control. The possibilities are endless.

How Ecowings contributes

Creatives around the world are finding new ways to recycle or upcycle old car tires every day. Tables, chairs, hammocks, lamps, works of art… And bags and accessories from Ecowings. Discarded truck inner tubes are being transformed in India into robust laptop bags, backpacks, women’s bags, belts, pencil cases, notebooks and wallets. In this way Ecowings offers local families in the Indore region a safe and permanent workplace where they are paid decently. In addition, they ensure that many inner tubes are not burned in the open air. And we are left with very special bags and accessories. What else do you want!

Do you also have a nice idea with old car tires?

Take a picture and share it with us via info@ecowings.nl


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