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1. What is meant by dropshipping?

Someone buys an Ecowings product in the PARTNER webshop. The shipment of the product to the customer is done by Ecowings. PARTNER does the billing to the customer.

Note: Dropshipping is NOT the same as affiliate marketing. The difference is that dropshipping uses an OWN webshop. The webshop also positions itself as a company, and the customers place their order with the webshop,


2. Benefits of dropshipping

PARTNER benefits:

Do not keep stock
Expand the webshop offer
No need to send packages.
No financial risk.

Advantages for Ecowings:

Increase brand awareness and sales market
Using the marketing campaigns of another webshop


3. Division of tasks?

Ecowings provides:

Production & import of the products, and keeping track of the stock.
Sending the order to the customer in neutral packaging, accompanied by a printout of PARTNER’s delivery note.
Handling of the returned products.

PARTNER provides:

Including the products in the webshop, including creating product pages and product descriptions.
Including these products in marketing campaigns.
Informing Ecowings about incoming orders and returns.
Sending order confirmation to the customer.
Sending a delivery note to Ecowings.
Being the 1st point of contact for the customer with regard to any. returns and questions.


4. Compensation

PARTNER pays Ecowings the wholesale price + 20%, and a reimbursement of the shipping costs (for a package within the Netherlands that is € 5.85, a letterbox package costs € 4.00). These amounts are exclusive of VAT.


5. Order process

A PARTNER customer places the order on www.PARTNER.com
PARTNER will pass this on to Ecowings by e-mail as soon as possible. PARTNER uses the same delivery term for the products in the webshop as Ecowings (1-3 working days).
PARTNER makes a delivery note for the customer with the shipping details of the customer and the ordered product and sends it to Ecowings by email.
Ecowings ensures that the order is shipped to the customer in neutral packaging and includes a printout of the delivery note.
Ecowings informs PARTNER about the shipment.
PARTNER informs the customer about the shipment.


6. Stock

Ecowings ensures that the stock is kept up to date. If a product is almost finished, no longer available, or if there are other stock issues, Ecowings will inform PARTNER in good time so that PARTNER can adjust this in its webshop.


7. Customer Service

PARTNER is the first point of contact to answer customer questions.


8. Returns

Customers should always contact PARTNER first if they want to return something. For returns of Ecowings products, PARTNER will provide the address of Ecowings. PARTNER will inform Ecowings as soon as such a situation arises.

Returns after the customer has waived the purchase: Based on the law, the customer is entitled to a cooling-off period of at least 14 days. If the customer cancels the purchase within this period, the customer must return the order in its original condition. Ecowings will inform PARTNER about this after receipt of the order in its original condition. PARTNER refunds the amount to the customer (including shipping costs if it concerns the entire order), and Ecowings credits/refunds the invoice to PARTNER.

Returns due to an error in the ordering process: In case it can be demonstrated that the return shipment is the result of an error at PARTNER and/or Ecowings, the entire amount of the invoice (including shipping costs) will be refunded to the customer. Ecowings credits/refunds the invoice to PARTNER (incl. shipping costs).

Returns due to a defective product: In the event that the customer reports that the product is defective, the cause will be examined on a case-by-case basis and how to deal with it. Some example situations:

Damaged by post – complaint handling by Ecowings at Post.nl – customer gets a new product or money back.
Claim based on expected lifespan / warranty – complaint handling by Ecowings – if justified, customer gets a new product or money back.
Damaged by wrong customer product will not be taken back .
In the event that the customer’s claim is justified (in consultation with Ecowings and PARTNER) and the customer wants the money back, the entire amount of the invoice (including shipping costs) will be refunded to the customer by PARTNER. Ecowings credits/refunds the invoice to PARTNER (including the shipping costs).


9. Payments

Ecowings invoices all PARTNER orders in a relevant month in 1x via a monthly invoice for that month (last day of the month). PARTNER pays this invoice immediately (within 3 days).


10. Holidays, public holidays, etc.

In the event that Ecowings or PARTNER goes on holiday or if there are other circumstances that have consequences for the ordering and/or delivery process, the other party will be informed as soon as possible and a solution will be sought together (insofar as this is necessary).


11. Offers and Price Adjustments

Ecowings and PARTNER will keep each other informed of any promotions that are conducted in the web shops.


12. Evaluation

After 3 months Ecowings and PARTNER will evaluate the above. The evaluation period can be extended in consultation.


13. Termination

If, after the 1st evaluation, Ecowings or PARTNER wants to stop dropshipping, he must inform the other party at least one week in advance.



Do you want to become a dropshipping partner of Ecowings? Then please contact us.


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