The new Wings Collection has landed!

Ecowings new Wings logo

At Ecowings we continuously try to make our products and the world a bit better. It all fits together. If our bags and accessories are beautiful and of top quality, they will sell better. Then we will need more rubber, which means that fewer discarded car tires end up in the waste stream. And we can help more artisans find a job and stimulate the local economy of Indore. We have used the past months to design and produce a new Wings Collection together with the Kapil team in India. We are very proud that after all that hard work we can now present our improved Wings bags and accessories to you!

Trusted and improved

Ecowings products are characterized by their robust and unique character. We have made improvements where possible. For example, the zippers are 100% waterproof so that the contents of your bag do not get wet in our little country. In fact, you can swim with your Wings if you wish. Furthermore, extra thick cushion bottoms have been sewn into the backpacks and laptop bags to protect your precious laptop and tablet even better. Finally, in addition to discarded car tires, certified Rpet (recycled PET bottles) is also used on the inside and outside. With this, Ecowings has taken a new step in the upcycling of waste.

New collection, new names

The introduction of our new Wings Collection feels a bit like spreading our wings. That is why we have decided to give our products new names. The Panda Laptop Bag is now called the Elegant Eagle, we have renamed the Dawa Shoulder Bag Stunning Seagul and the Rozer Pack Backpack the Funky Falcon. And don’t forget our new Click Kiwi! The handy and trendy fanny pack where you can store all your stuff. As you can see, we have chosen animal names to emphasize our pursuit of a better world for people and animals.

Wings by Ecowings

We call our new collection of bags and accessories Wings. Of course, that also includes a cool new logo. From now on, this will appear on every Wings product so that everyone can immediately see that we are dealing with an original Wings by Ecowings!

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