2 top Ecowings members !

Today we put 2 highly valued employees of Ecowings in the spotlight, namely Sunita and Dhapu Bai.


Sunita (left) is 35 years old. She is one of the more experienced forces and leads the newcomers or temporary forces. Sunita has 3 children. At Ecowings she earns a good wage with which she can support her children.

Here’s what she says when we ask if she’s having a good time at Ecowings: “I love working with Ecowings because the kind of work I do I really enjoy and there is no pressure on us.”


Dhapu Bai (right) has been with Ecowings the longest and has worked on many of the Ecowings projects over the past 10 years.

Here’s what she says when we ask if she’s having a good time at Ecowings: “I want to be with Ecowings only as it gives me flexibility and I trust on Uma Madam who has always helped me in my tough family conditions”


Sunita and Dhapu Bai are the ‘permanent staff’ of Ecowings. In addition, there are still many women who come to work extra when there is a lot of work to do, such as last December when we were able to complete a large assignment for Interallgroup.

This photo was taken in December of 2019, when we didn’t know anything about Corona. These women all work as day laborers, which means they get paid on the days they work. They all come from around the Ecowings workshop, on the outskirts of Indore.

When Corona broke out and India went into Lockdown, these women no longer had an income. Corona is especially disastrous for this group of labor migrants (estimated about 125 million people in India). ‘Indian workers have to choose: corona or hunger’ – this was headlined in the newspapers in recent months. The lockdown exposed the great inequality in India, and the poorest people suffer.

The workshop is now open again and we fervently hope that we will soon be able to carry out another assignment so that we can help a lot of these women to find work (and an income).

For those who understand the language: these 2 women are paid and say that they have enjoyed working at Ecowings.


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