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Uma: spider in the Ecowings web

It is time we put the most important pivot in the Ecowings web in the spotlight: Uma! She is in charge of the daily management of the Ecowings office. Uma is the wife of Kapil, the designer who founded Ecowings. Together they have 1 son, Lakshya.

If that ain’t love

When asked what Uma means for Ecowings, her loving husband replies:

“She has contributed incredibly in Ecowings and still the journey continues. My part is just to give birth to new products but those babies are getting wings and fly in the sky just because of Uma’s dedication and consistent effort in every single detail.

The sun rises with Ecowings and sun set happens with Ecowings and in between there is Uma.

I am not praising as she is my wife but I truly believe she is a good committed human being who wants to learn new things and puts her remarkable efforts. I don’t know any other lady who has such great determination for life and work.”

The many challenges

There are countless activities that are required when running a social enterprise such as Ecowings. On the production side, there is the supplier selection, material sourcing, supervising the workmanship, quality control. In addition, there are challenges related to international trade and export resolutions, certifications, banking and billing issues, inventory management, trade relationship management, packaging and much more.

But above all, managing the workforce is a major challenge: labor management, hiring new skills, skills training and development. Or as Kapil puts it:

The most crucial task for her is to bind all the craftswomen on one common skill level where they are expected to excel their skill set in the most precise manner. Understanding their psychology, listening their pain points, morally supporting them on every task and in their life, elevating their skillset, grooming their personality on daily bases. It’s the every day challenges which Uma exceptionally deals with. She excels her energy to produce nonstop results and outcomes.



Recently, Uma has received assistance from Sandhya, a lady who can also read, write and count. It can take over part of the supervision of production and quality control. But the major responsibility for running the Ecowings office rests with Uma. Hats off and many thanks to this amazing woman!

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