8 maart – International Women’s Day

Vrouwen Ecowings

On March 8, we will celebrate International Women’s Day and show solidarity with all women around the world who fight for good working conditions, fair pay and equal opportunities!

These are the women who work at Ecowings. They have little education and face poverty, childcare, drunken husbands, violence and constant stress to earn an income. At Ecowings they will find the best possible job. The Ecowings workshop, run by Kapil and Uma, offers a friendly and creative environment. Here the women can work while no pressure is put on them. They are involved in a complete production process and that gives a lot of satisfaction. They learn a lot and they experience the pleasure of actually making something, together.

This is a photo from March 2020, just before India went into lockdown. I can’t look at this picture without tears in my eyes because I see so much joy in those women’s eyes. The team is now a lot smaller because there is less work. But it is our dream and ambition to get all these women back into the Ecowings workshop. We plan to set up a daycare center where the children will be taught drawing and the like.This in turn offers the women more opportunities to combine work with their care task.

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